Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Joy in the evening

A few hours ago all I could see was red. When I went to bed last night my plans for today were mellow, enjoyable even though it involved mostly cleaning with three little boys.  When the two year old woke up at 1:30am for the second night in a row and proceeded to scream until snuggled in bed by my side.  This sounds mildly aggravating, but sweet. Trust me, it isn't. He is a maniac awake and asleep. He tosses and turns, kicks and head butts all while grunting and groaning the night away. Surely he is ill, right? So, the doctor is able to get us in for an early morning appointment. Which is actually a small miracle with his busy and backed up they have been lately. We are in and out in 45 minutes, another small miracle.  Nothing is wrong with him. He merely is two getting molars and doesn't want to sleep or eat any more. We were already at the doctor's and we needed to get our flu shots. So, I register for those. Yes, I had to go back out front and register. They blamed the new computer system. That poor computer system gets blamed for everything around there now.  An hour later the assistant sees us and asks why we are still there.  I tell her, she is surprised I had to come out to the waiting room. So, about 25 minutes and 3 intense wrestling matches, we were finally on our way.  After I promised pizza and icees from the Sam's club cafe across the street.  I don't know if it was the shots, the red dye, or just the crazy morning, but my children mutinied.  By the time we left the store I was counting the minutes until nap time.
Upon arriving home that is exactly what we did. All three children were deposited in separate rooms while I put away groceries and commenced my cleaning extravaganza.  Did I mention there was a Bible study at the house tonight and 6 loads of laundry to fold and put away?  After about 20 minutes I hear gleeful shrieks where they should not be. I investigate. My two oldest are in my room, where only one should be, and the window and screen are open, the blinds are cockeyed, and this room is on the second floor. With a thorough punishment and separation, fixing the blinds, promising more punishment to come. I return to cleaning and my two year old insomniac wakes up and follows me around screaming if I venture into another room.
In the midst of all of this chaos amazing things happened! My 4 year old read his first book, the baby went number 2 on the potty. I was able to go and run tonight for the first time in weeks. A dear friend had a very positive step in the right direction today.  That alone is enough to make this day a positive one. Most importantly though, I am forgiven. My chains of bondage are gone, my life is new and there is nothing that can separate me from my Father's love and that should make every day better than the last.